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The Bronze sponsorship entitles you to an exclusive "Member Spotlight" feature, showcasing your photo, biography, contact information, and a heartfelt expression of gratitude from GWAREA. Your spotlight will be  shared across our social media platforms, providing valuable exposure and recognition for your support.

Silver Sponsorship

The Silver sponsorship secures your position as our Website Sponsor, granting you a premium placement on our site. This comprehensive package features your photo, contact information, and a hyperlink to your website (if applicable), ensuring prominent visibility and engagement for your brand or organization.

Gold Sponsorship

The Gold sponsorship level serves as our exclusive Tour Sheet Sponsor, prominently featuring your logo and contact information on our weekly tour sheet. Even in the absence of a tour, your sponsorship enjoys continuous visibility at each meeting, ensuring consistent exposure to our members.

Platinum Sponsorship

The Platinum sponsorship includes the benefits from the Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels. This means you enjoy a premium spot on our website, a featured Member Spotlight post on our social media accounts, and your logo and contact information  displayed on our weekly tour sheet. 

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Breakfast Sponsor

Our breakfast sponsors bring an extra pizzaz to our meetings and have the opportunity to provide breakfast for the group that is prepared and served by the Rusty Bucket staff. Our breakfast sponsors will also get a 5 minute presentation spotlight and the ability to share about themselves if desired. This cost includes breakfast for 25 people, tip out for staff and a thank you on our social media platforms! 

If you would like to be a breakfast sponsor please contact Hannah Scarbury at


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